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110 mins. | Rated R
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Based on a classic Gothic novel, THE MONK is a lush, stylish chronicle of a devout Spanish monk’s fall from innocence. Abandoned as an infant on his monastery's steps, Ambrosio (Vincent Cassel) is now an exemplary member of the order, renowned throughout Spain for his virtue and piety. But dark forces conspire to test his faith when a masked minion of Satan arrives at the monstery and the pious man begins a diabolical descent into sin and depravity. Cassel (BLACK SWAN) gives a riveting performance as a man of unmoored sexuality, who is torn away from all he once held as true.

Directed by
Dominik Moll

Written By
Dominik Moll, Anne-Louise Trividic, Matthew Lewis (novel)

Cast Includes
Vincent Cassel, Deborah Francois



French with English subtitles

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